Friday, November 5, 2010

So Much For Forever

I'm through
With you
Lying and pretending
So far so great
Yeah right
I sat around like a good little girl
Kept my mouth shut
While you pranced and danced around
So completely aware of my pain
My restrain
But now I can't stop it
Even if I wanted to
I just need
To scream

So completely drained
From all your senseless love
I can't escape this
I'm turning hard and cold
And I woke up from another nightmare
Crying and that's when I realized
I had the bitter taste in my mouth
So now
It's my turn
All I got from you was pain
And you let me burn
Watched me die
So I think it's about time
I break out

I'm turning black
Everything in me pouring out
I'm trying to fight it
But I have to say it
Restless and aching
Drained and used
And so abused
Cause I know it's wrong
But I don't care
Not today
Because you promised me
You said this
And you said that
And built me up
Never thought you'd be the one to break me down again

Just when I think it'll get better
You come back in and ruin it all again
And I didn't think
I'd see the day that I hated you
But god how I hate you now
I tried
For you
But why hell am I trying for you
Doing things for you
You drained me
Changed me
And used me
So I'll be honest for once
Instead of leaving small little hints
I'll just give you the truth

I'm pissed off
Fucking and utterly pissed
I hate you
For loving you
I see you and I want to vomit
Knowing she's with you
Touching and kissing you
Makes me ill
I'm out for the kill
Your face turns my stomach
Just the sight of you makes me squirm
And I hate everything about you now
And I would rather cut off all my fingers
Than have to remember you
But I do

I'm confused
And I'm impatient
All of the time
I don't know where I went bad
Sweet to sour
Sugar to flour
I lost my glow and touch
My once shinning sparkle
Now it's a spark of pure hate
I'm going crazy
Running on empty
One day I'm happy and smiling
Then you leak in
And destory all my good pure thoughts
You're my worst sin
My first overdose
My last heart break
My obsession
My addiction gone bad

You took it all
Done to the last thing
Robbed me raw
Made me bleed
And laughed at me
Like it was all a funny joke
What I really would like to do is see you choke
Once apon a time I day dreamed of us together forever
Now I fantasize about strangling you
Killing you
I'm sick and deranged because you treated me so poorly
And got away with all of it
You try and hide it
Make it seem so innocent of you
Only doing what you thought was best
Are you fucking kidding me
I love and I hate you
You took it all away from me
So yeah you could say I'm alittle angry
A little annoyed
A little frusterated
A little sad
A little mad
Because all I ever want to say to you
Is so much for forever

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